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Rosa Headband

Rosa Headband is a lovely item, I love to wear it on warm days. It is made from fair trade silk blend in a gorgeous hand dyed pink colour no two are ever the same shade of pink.
It is Handmade in Britain with love and care 🙂 all for only £9.99 we think this is a bargain, this type of headband sells for double on the high street. Click Here to see item

Charlotte modeling the Rosa Headband with the Rosa Lace top over a cute bikini


“Rosa” Lace style vest top

“Rosa” is a gorgeous lace style vest top made from fairtrade silk blend, it looks stunning and is really soft to wear. The pink colour is amazing the fibre is hand dyed and the blend and shades of pink look incredible and differ with the light.

I think it looks great as a compliment to a pair of hot denim shorts. For only £35 it really is a bargain.  Click here to visit website.

Scruffy Girl Rosa Vest TopScruffy Girl Vest top